Hammonds Plains Childrens Centre

We offer the full ForestKids Early Learning experience. Your child will play and learn in a stimulating natural outdoor setting.

We accept children ages 3 months to 12 years, full or part-time, including after-school care.

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ForestKids is proud to be an Accredited Cedarsong School. Cedarsong Nature School is an award-winning leader in the U.S. Forest Kindergarten movement, and has received international accolades for its groundbreaking work.

Schools that are Certified as Accredited Cedarsong Schools are verified to be using The Cedarsong Way teaching methodology including a commitment to nature immersion and unstructured free play; flow learning; inquiry-based teaching; emergent curriculum and documentation of the learning.

Schools that are Accredited Cedarsong Schools have proven to be operating at the same high level of excellence as the original Cedarsong Nature School. Cedarsong Accreditation is your assurance of the best quality outdoor education program.

A note from a recent client:

I can't thank you enough for the many years of caring you and your staff have shown my daughter over the years. It's easy to see you love the kids and you always put them first. I will never forget the ice storm we had and you kept all of the kids at the centre and gave them supper and reassured us parents everything was fine - just make it home safe...
So, thanks so much for so many things: you've been a big part of our lives and we'll miss you.
C. L.